We are a company of international students

We strongly believe that the current student placement process is biased and unfair!

Let's share few things about us.

AdmissionWiz is an Education Technology company based in Columbus, Ohio. It is founded by ex-international students, who once embarked on a challenging journey to pursue higher education. Learning from their own experience, and with a vision to help thousands of future students, they created the AdmissionWiz platform to streamline the process and fix a broken system.

Our mission is to empower international students who aspire to pursue higher education overseas by providing them with the right tools to turn their dream into reality.

Our Vision is to establish ourselves as a proven guide and resource for aspiring students from around the world and as a trusted partner for universities and colleges looking for support with their campus internationalization.

For Students

Welcome to our platform, let us be your trusted guide and resource, on this exciting journey to your future. Pursuing your dream of higher education as an international student can be daunting, we want to make this experience a rewarding one for you, Let us be the guide on your search for your desired program and institutions, assist you through the application process, and help you navigate securing your visa.

For Institutions

As an institution using our services, we will connect you with the brightest minds from around the world, who are eager to take their education to the next level. We extend your reach in the global arena and build the bridge between you and these potential students who dream of making a lasting impact in their chosen field after completing their education at your institution.

Our Founders

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Mohammad (Shajib) Karim

Co-founder and CEO

Mohammad’s commitment to help others and his passion for creating unique and outstanding products fuelled the vision for AdmissionWiz. Mohammad is a well-versed finance professional, with broad-based experience in Fortune 100 and Startup companies.

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Shawn Aditya

Co-founder and COO

20 years ago, Shawn started a journey that brought him to The Ohio State University to attend Graduate School as an international student. Today, his journey continues, with a focus to help others successfully navigate the same process with more clarity and confidence. The vision of AdmissionWiz emanates from the challenging path Shawn encountered and in his promise to make it streamlined for thousands of others around the world.

Interested in joining the team?

One of our most important core values is to partner with our employees because we know they are instrumental in the success of the company.

Please email your resume to [email protected]